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Secops - Infosec Army Split his operations

SecOps – Infosec Army was created with the objective of concentrate in a central and impartial entity all information security resources available in the world, and succeeded in each of the stages of its evolution, in less than six months the initiative already had operations in three countries and associates in more than 18 countries around the world, being pointed out as the emerging startup in the Brazilian information security market by the Cyber Startup Observatory. 

However, an analysis of our operating model in this period allowed us to perceive that the scope was very large and the structural model resultant from made it impossible to carry out projects and activities that were part of the of the initiative. 

For this reason, and to be able to offer to the market operating models that help reduce the Cyber Skill Gap, we decided to segment the operations into two new independent companies 

Infosec Army - A Mediation Platform for Information Security Services with the objective of combining the most diverse sources of resources in a single marketplace where solution providers can advertise their offerings and organizations that need these resources can hire them in a secure, simple and optimized way. See more on path60457 

CYB3R Security Operations - A project orchestration company for complex information security demands that involve multiple resources from different sources. Coordinated by a central entity, enabling the creation of custom-tailored, unbiased and cost-effective offerings. See more on 

In order to maintain the homogeneity, the synergy and strategic alignment between the fronts, the Security Solutions holding, original sponsor of the SecOps – Infosec Army initiative, will act as manager of financial and strategic issues, sharing the resources in common between the two companies reducing costs and enabling a better management of Corporate Governance of the group formed by the companies. 

New business models generating new results. 

With the maturing of the initiative and the emergence of new business fronts, both capillarity and diffusion of new investments have increased significantly, giving a new body and dimensions to the original concept of SecOps Infosec Army initiative that is reborn in a new format with the aim of evolving and preparing for the new challenges that the world of information security must face. Each of the new companies will have its own independent corporate structure, as well as a group of advisory boards for each one, increasing the scope of operations in the market and accelerating the growth of market share.